C3 STEM Robot Labs

C3 STEM Robot Labs

At STEM Robot Labs we will be constructing a programmable robot car based on Micro:bit, which is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and coding easy and fun! We will be using Graphical programming:Makecode Editor online graphical programming is a great place to train the logical thinking for new coders. Each student will have the option to follow the guide or DIY it with their own imagination to make their tiny:bit completely different from everyone else. For more advanced users they can use Python to control the robot.


The New C3 Kids!

The New C3 Kids!

C3 is proud to announce the launch of The New C3 Kids! Where we offer cutting-edge STEM learning opportunities that are unique, educational, and exciting. Our team works passionately all year to keep our curricula on the cutting edge so that campers get access to the latest educational technologies and advancements. It’s important to us for our community of kids to have fun as they learn, feel comfortable, and gain confidence in a collaborative environment with peers. While our focus is on digital, gaming, and studio play there will be opportunities to brainstorm, create, and launch projects.

If your child gets fidgety listening to long lectures or watching videos and truly enjoys hands-on learning, then you’re in the right place as part of The New C3 Kids! Kinesthetic learners will excel in our environment as they will get to explore, interact with other kids, and share lessons learned. Everyone will have an opportunity to shine.

You can also take advantage of our Exclusive Member discount when you become a C3 kids lab Member.

Membership Benefits
The C3 Kids Lab gives you unlimited access to all the fun and games you can handle. With your membership, you will be able to participate in Classes, our Online Gaming Tournaments, view all the gaming review videos, and the best part of all get member-only discounts on all of them.

6 Essentials in Safeguarding Your Business for Success

6 Essentials in Safeguarding Your Business for Success

Thu, May 26, 2022, 12:00 PM EDT


About this Event

In this workshop, The 6 Essentials in Safeguarding Your Business for Success, we will be taking you through the key things to ensure a steady and volatility-free journey. So, whether you’re starting in business or have been in business for several years, there are some legal and financial essentials you should be aware of to Safeguarding Your Business from the pitfalls of business ownership.

Join us to learn more about:

  • Formation: In starting or expanding your business the business formation will determine what is protected
  • Contracts: Whether it’s a partnership agreement, nondisclosure agreement, or vendor contract, contracts can make or break your business
  • Business Succession: Over the years of growing your business, what happens once you’re ready to retire?
  • Bookkeeping: How outsourcing the review of your books can save you time and money during tax season
  • Cashflow: Understanding your weekly and monthly expenses will keep you from overspending and closing your doors
  • Payroll: If you’re hiring an employee or contractor to get the work done, it’s essential for you to know … (join us to learn more)

Panelist Experts include:

Sylvia Ho, Business Attorney & Entrepreneur Advocate from the Law Offices of Sylvia Ho
Represents and advises small business owners on a variety of legal issues that businesses encounter from startup to business succession planning and more.

Shannon Goode, Owner of Good Bookkeeping & Consulting
Shannon and the team take care of the back-end monetary tasks and details to help keep your business finances organized. Your success is contingent upon your cash flow.

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