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About Us

We are a haven for success and creativity.

Whether it’s a 10-person workshop, board meeting, mastermind, or a small huddle, C3 offers spaces that fit the needs of your next meeting.

Our conference rooms are equipped with Apple TV, HDMI cords, and whiteboards, and include wi-fi bottled water, and coffee of course.

We’ll ensure your meetings run smoothly allowing you to focus on your guests and the task at hand.  Meeting room usage is included with an allotted number of hours per month based on your membership. If you aren’t a member, you can still rent rooms by the hour, half-day, or full-day.

About Us

C3 Collaborative Community is a creative, collaborative, community, based in East Hartford, CT. Founded by Richard McCaulsky-Clarke and Maryann Cruz, they decided to combine their expertise in IT, software development, and business operations to begin helping other creatives and entrepreneurs scale their businesses in a fun, friendly, and vibrant environment.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, you will have access to experts, tools, and resources through live and online workshops. Deep dives in action planning, branding, budgeting, mind mapping, podcasting, and process improvement, these are only a few of the workshops you gain access to as a community member


Magic happens when creatives and critical minds come together for collaboration, innovation, and business growth. C3 Collaborative Community is here to lead this movement through our online community, creative space, programs, services, and resource partners. We truly believe you can make an impact in this world when accessing the right tools, resources, and guidance.


Working with creatives from around the world and across industries; providing vibrant spaces to learn, collaborate, lead, and thrive.  Shifting creatives from surviving to thriving!

Business Strategy

If you’ve been running your business without a strategy, chances are you feel as if you’re constantly stopping and starting.  Let us help you gain momentum and be consistent.  Let’s cocreate your business strategy, a clear set of actions to achieve your business goals and vision.

Business Coaching

Ready to have clarity, confidence, and momentum in business?  Work with our in-house Business Strategist & Coach, Maryann Cruz.  As a business coach she will ask you the deeper questions so you can achieve your goals through the development of action plans that are in alignment with you and your lifestyle.  Get a new perspective, guidance, and accountability from our entrepreneurial expert. 

Marketing Services

Marketing your business is essential for success.  Developing a solid marketing plan and strategy is the first step.  As a community of creatives we have several resources you can tap into.  Contact us to learn more.

Live events

Each month we will co-host a Happy hour onsite and within one of the local venues. As a member, you will receive a discounted rate to attend and will be highlighted as a C3 member.

private Office

As a monthly member of C3 you will gain access to business coaches, professionals, and experts through monthly office hours, discounted workshops, exclusive events, and much more.


Host your own business event at C3. Whether it’s a paint night, brainstorming session, leadership workshop, or launch party; we can accommodate you. Let’s connect!

office desk

dedicated desk

At C3 we thrive to deliver the very best in member satisfaction starting with our Dedicated Desk option. If you enjoy having your own desk and are tired of working from home. You are welcome the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other community members, this may be exactly what you’re seeking.

professional Comfort

Our meeting rooms are designed to keep your team or clients comfortable, creative, and focused. We will ensure you have everything you need to succeed. From audiovisual equipment, whiteboards, and WiFi, to catering services, we’ve got you covered.

Open Door


As a member of C3 you will gain access to business coaches, professionals, and experts through monthly office hours, discounted workshops, exclusive events, and much more.


Maryann Cruz

Maryann Cruz


Maryann Cruz assists creatives and passionate entrepreneurs to gain clarity and momentum in business through the development of thorough strategies, action plans, and accountability. Maryann is an entrepreneur’s copilot to success. If you’re an entrepreneur who has more questions than answers about what your next steps are to grow your business then you are in the right place.

Richard McCaulsky-Clarke

Richard McCaulsky-Clarke

FOUNDER, COACH, Programmer

Richard McCaulsky-Clarke has over 20 years of experience working on many different Pharmaceutical brands, resulting in over 25 different brands to date. He has been involved in the development process from all angles from concept to development for iCUE. Utilizing my extensive knowledge of Exploria, Richard McCaulsky-Clarke has been fortunate enough to work in many different phases overseeing the software development Q/A, Analytics, Website Administrator, and of course holding such titles as Founder, Senior Developer, Training Manager, and Associate Director of Technology.

Legacy Partners

Pamela Mulhearn, CPC, ELI-MP

Pamela Mulhearn, CPC, ELI-MP


Pamela is the CEO & Founder of Her Podium®, LLC Public Speaking Programs for Women.
She has been a serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, and a Certified Professional Coach for the last 7 years. Pamela has created, built, and sold several businesses. Before creating Her Podium®, she built a retail and wholesale business within her home, a retail storefront, and a coaching practice for midlife women.
She has managed employees, created product development, managed inventory, and produced marketing campaigns. Pamela has made many pivots in her entrepreneurial journey and has used her expertise and experience to mentor female entrepreneurs over the last 9 years.
The one common thread throughout this lifetime of business-building experience was fear of public speaking. Whether it was to give the budget update at the PTA meeting, have a news organization do a spot on her retail store, or to speak at a women’s organization, the fear was real and she avoided it as much as possible. It was safer to stand behind the curtain. Just the thought of having to speak to a group would make her shake in her stilettos.
The best way to get the message out about the product or service you offer, is to speak about it. When Pamela came to that realization, a line was drawn and she enrolled in a public speaking program.
Within a very short time of starting in this class, the inspiration came to create a public speaking program exclusively for women. A place where there is no judgment, and plenty of support and inspiration. Her Podium® was born.
Pamela has developed public speaking programs and teaches classes. She works with women who want to empower their voices, and for those who are emerging speakers ready to be on a bigger stage. In the corporate world, she presents to women’s groups and does company courses/training for women.
She believes every woman has great value to contribute to the world. Her Podium® operates with the motto,
“Empower a woman’s voice, and she can change the world”.
Suzanne McColl LPC

Suzanne McColl LPC


Suzanne helps women overcome their limiting beliefs and gain confidence, self-respect, and lead an authentic life through EMDR. She knows that we can transform our outer lives by going inside to explore and release negative beliefs. Suzanne has been practicing for 30 years, dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential. Her work is regionally known for producing sustained and life-altering results, leading to success and satisfaction in all areas of life including greater satisfaction in career and relationships. Suzanne is the founder of Sound Health & Wellness and Suzanne McColl LPC, LLC. She has a history of performance in both the arts and athletic endeavors and uses that experience in her work of understanding that we all have the capacity for perseverance and growth. She currently works with women in leadership roles using EMDR therapy for growth and speaks nationally on topics related to Resolving limiting beliefs in order to succeed at work and love.

Candi Sterling

Candi Sterling


A seasoned success strategist and lead creator at On Her Mission, Candi Sterling specializes in personal brand strategy, productivity, and image development for women entrepreneurs. For nearly 15 years, she has led strategic brand initiatives in a diverse range of sectors and has taught communications at several institutions and entities. A pageant titleholder, she has held titles in various pageant systems, and her public appearances include being highlighted as a featured speaker/contributor in a variety of conferences and entrepreneurship events. Today, her signature offerings teach women how to advance in their niche, market their expertise, and excel with confidence —no burnout required.

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