C3 Collab Kids

Web Design 101 with WordPress

Tech Labs (Select One):

August 8-12, 9am-12pm Eastern Time

Age 10-15:

Gain web design skills as you create your own website.

Students will design a website based on an area of interest. We will start by exploring their concept, selecting a theme and layout for their site. Storyboarding and wireframing will be essential.  Then the actual content and graphics will create the foundation of the website.   Once the site has been established, students will learn how to edit text using HTML.

If your child is familiar with additional coding languages such as CSS, JavaScript, etc. that is great.

Learning Opportunities include gaining experience in storyboarding, wireframing, content development, graphics, fonts, web layout, HTML coding and more!

Best User Experience: 

Tech labs require a stable internet connection. A quiet space is ideal, however we know that's not always possible therefore kids may wish to use headphones.  You may also wish your child to use a virtual background when logged into Zoom, we will share a customized one with you.

Compatible Devices: Windows PC, Mac, or Chromebook recommended, iPad and Android tablet compatible.

Terms & Conditions: Please note, if registering for Web Design 101, you will require the following: 

  • WordPress account (free on
  •  Once the URL is selected for the website and it is initiated, student will make their website private but will be able to edit/build their site during the week. 
  • We value your privacy and that of your child therefore during camp it is required that they keep their website private. 
  • Once a camper establishes his/her website, the website is owned/managed completely by the student and his/her legal guardian.  At that point it is not affiliated with C3 Collab Kids.  At the completion of Tech Labs week, it is at the student/legal guardians’ option to publish/manage the site.  C3 will not publish or manage the site.

$195.00 for 1 week


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