C3 Collab Kids

Scratch Coding

Tech Labs (Select One):
June 20-24, 9am-12pm Eastern Time
June 27-July1, 1pm-4pm Eastern Time  

Ages 8-16

Learning Opportunities!

During the Scratch Coding Lab, you will learn how to create games, animations, and digital stories using a fun and easy platform, Scratch. Designed for kids ages 8 to 16, Scratch is suited for beginners to advanced coders. Let's explore so you can do more.

Best User Experience: Tech labs require a stable internet connection. A quiet space is ideal, however we know that’s not always possible therefore kids may wish to use headphones.  You may also wish your child to use a virtual background when logged into Zoom, we will share a customized one with you.

Compatible Devices: Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, Android Tablet

$195.00 for 1 week


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