Suzanne McColl LPC

Suzanne helps women overcome their limiting beliefs and gain confidence, self-respect, and lead an authentic life through EMDR. She knows that we can transform our outer lives by going inside to explore and release negative beliefs. Suzanne has been practicing for 30 years, dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential. Her work is regionally known for producing sustained and life-altering results, leading to success and satisfaction in all areas of life including greater satisfaction in career and relationships. Suzanne is the founder of Sound Health & Wellness and Suzanne McColl LPC, LLC. She has a history of performance in both the arts and athletic endeavors and uses that experience in her work of understanding that we all have the capacity for perseverance and growth. She currently works with women in leadership roles using EMDR therapy for growth and speaks nationally on topics related to Resolving limiting beliefs in order to succeed at work and love.

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